Short Hair, Don’t Care!

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Summer is here and as much as you love our long locks, having it is not just practical. It’s way too hot during the summer and you will only end up tying your hair up in a bun. That boring look just won’t do! To have a chic and stylish look, consider chopping your hair off! Celebrities like Michelle Williams, Charize Theron, Emma Watson and more are now sporting cute pixie cut; be brave enough and join the band wagon!

When you decide to chop your hair off, the first thing to do is to determine what kind of style will suit the shape of your face. Focus on your best features and get the hairstyle that will emphasize that.

Choose the right person to do the cut for you. This will be a huge change and you need someone that you genuinely trust to do this. Visit a salon and talk to a hair dresser about the style you want. Get into detail. If you can show photos, do so. Also ask for his/her advice as they know what will work well for your face.


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Beach Hair

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Going to the beach is always fun but it can easily be a pain for women because the mixture of sun and salt water doesn’t do the hair any good. For an easier-to-handle hair during a beach escapade, follow these simple steps.

  1. Before heading out, part your hair into four sections.  Brush each part towards the crown then wrap each around your finger and pin. Spray on hair spray that is specifically made to hold hair in place under the sun and wind.
  2. For a chic look, and for those who do not want to get their hair wet, wrap a pretty scarf around your head.
  3. After some fun under the sun, you can unpin each section of your hair. This can be done even after you get your hair wet from the beach or shower. When you let your hair down and shake it out, you will have perfect beach hair.

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2013 Hair Trends

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2013 is the year to be adventurous when it comes to your hair. If you are not familiar with the hair trends of this year, then you are in for a treat. This year, it’s all about girly style and pastel and bold colors. Read on to learn more about the beautiful hair styles you can do this season!

1. BRAIDS AND TWISTS –  Braids are perfect in any occasion, casual day in the park, Sunday brunch, weddings, date nights – it works all the time. Good news for those who don’t know how to do a perfect braid, “messy braid” is somehow cooler than a perfect one.

2. VINTAGE CURLS – You might have seen this hair trend being sported in awards nights by ladies like Julianne Hough or Zooey Dechanel. This look is perfect for special occasion like weddings or dinner parties.

3. PASTEL COLORS – This is the most unusual trend that has happened for a long time. Pink, purple, blue, or any color that would be perfect for a cupcake, these colors are not considered “hideous” anymore. In fact, it’s considered beautiful.

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Interesting Hair Care Trends That You Must Do

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Hair is the crowning glory of every woman. It adds points to our physical appearance and can even represent our personality, in a way. Thus, it is very important that you take good care of your sensitive tresses. Maintaining a proper hygiene and nourishing diet are the most common yet the best method to keep your hair away from dandruff, balding, thinning and untimely graying. Here are some interesting hair care regimen (Note: They might sound weird but they are very effective) that can make your hair healthy, smooth and always shiny, absolutely.

Mayonnaise- A great hot oil cream substitute. It’s easy to do it as if you are applying a hot oil product to your hair. Apply the mayonnaise starting from roots of your hair to the ends. Massage thoroughly, then tie up your hair making a bun. Cover it with a pre-heated towel for 10 minutes. Wash your hair with a good mild shampoo after. Do it for at least once a month. I’ve actually learn this when I went to Asia – Thailand in particular. Thai women have really nice hairs and I’ve learn Thai just to ask them what is their secret. it turns out that it is Mayonnaise.

Cornstarch- You don’t really need to shampoo every day, even if your hair is only. The best alternative to this is to put cornstarch. Here’s how you can do it. Brush your scalp and hair roots with a cornstarch using a blushing brush. Leave it for 10 minutes and let it soak off all the extra and unwanted oil from your hair. Rinse well.

Aspirin- Got dandruff? Let go of them. Take 2 aspirins and dissolve them into your anti-dandruff shampoo before you wash your hair. And you’ll see the magic! This is really a great remedy.

Now, you won’t need to spend time and a lot of money going to salon and your hairstylist. With these untold hair care tips, you can surely get beautiful hair without spending much!

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Reward Your Hair

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Your hair is your crowning glory. It is just appropriate to take care of it and treat it right. A person can wear designer clothes, have the best shoes and accessories but it still won’t matter if the hair is looking all dry. So take down notes because this article will teach you just the best way to reward your hair. First is to always keep it clean. The hair get a lot of dirt and dust and so you must make sure you wash it the right way. Before shampooing, make sure hair is thoroughly wet. This will avoid any type of breakage. After shampooing, use a conditioner. Do not do this daily because over use of chemicals will dry the hair. If your hair gets buildup from conditioners, mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with your regular shampoo once a week. Rinse and dry as usual. Avoid using a brush on wet hair. Comb out the snarls.

If you ever find that your hair is already complaining from the dryness, repair by treating it with oil and egg yolk. Massage olive oil into hair. then massage a beaten egg yolk to hair too. Work from the ends all the way up. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash with shampoo. Do this once a week for a month and your hair will become healthier.

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Lighten Hair The Natural Way

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There will always come a time when you feel like you need a change in your look. For women, the hair is their first target. If it is not a drastic hair cut, it will be a different hair color. If you have dark hair, it is a bit difficult to change your hair color without having to bleach it. We all know that bleaching can easily damage the hair so if you do not want to make use of harsh chemicals from bleach, there are some natural solutions that you can do.

1. Lemon Juice – This will take time to work if you have dark hair so you must do it regularly but you will eventually see results. Fill a spray bottle half way with lemon juice and the other half with water. Spritz it to hair until it’s damp then let it dry outside under the sun.

2. Chamomile Tea- Do the same method as with lemon juice.

3. For darker hair, use henna powder and chamomile tea. Mix the two together until you make a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the hair and then cover hair with a plastic bag for thirty minutes. Rinse your hair and towel dry.

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Procter & Gamble expands its suite of hair care brands

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P&G already produces and markets the hair care brands Head & Shoulders and Pantene. Now the consumer giant has purchased the luxury hair care salon chain Frédéric Fekkai & Co. The company, which is based in New York and has salons in several cities in the US, also has has its own line of hair care products. The deal is part of P&G’s focus on building its high-margin, fast-growing beauty business and would add to P&G’s line of upscale beauty products that includes SK-II skin care and Hugo Boss fragrances.

The French founder Frédéric Fekkai will continue to drive creative efforts, brand image and product developments, a company spokesman stated.

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Vegan Hair Care

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Famous hair stylist Tara Smith teamed up with Marks & Spencer to create the newest Vegan Hair care product in the market. Tara is an award winning stylist who has worked with many celebrity clients so it is just appropriate that all her products are “Tested on Film Stars, not animals.” They used only the best natural and organic ingredients to restore hair into its natural healthy glow. All of the products are low on chemicals. Tara also took care of the packaging. From the bottles to top caps to the print and picture on the bottle. The beautiful packages are of different colorful and exotic birds making this standout from all the other products available on the market right now. Tara Smith haircare line includes shampoo, conditioner (can choose depending on type of hair) base coat serum, gel, shine on tool kit and glosser. Products are all available now online and at M&S stores near you!

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Anti- Aging Tricks

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Sure, anti- aging is not just for your skin. It is also for your hair. Your hair ages just like you.You hair strands lack the nerves and blood supply to make them alive, but your hair does age. Though most people don’t notice this. The number of hair begins to decline on your teenage years. When you hit your 40s, it will start to be more noticeable especially when it starts to grey. To prevent the horrible aging of your hair, there are some things you can do.

Take multivitamins with biotin and B vitamins like B6 and B12. These are considered “hair vitamins” Avoid getting harsh treatments all the time, such as bleaching or coloring. When done regularly, your hair will be dry and start thinning. Include protein in your diet too. This helps improve hair growth. Lastly, Use hair thickening products like Pantene Age Defy Advanced Thickening treatment. There is a cheaper version of this that comes as a shampoo.



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Jennifer Aniston Enters the Hair Business

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Finding a better job after her unbelievable character as Rachel on Friends and her layered hair cut may have been impossible, but Jennifer Aniston is finally venturing to other things and making the most out of her hair fame by partnering with the MIT team of hair care researchers to become the co-owner and spokesperson for their hair care company called “Living Proof”.

Jennifer Aniston is excited about her new business venture and is quoted to have said that “Over the years, my hair has been subjected to everything…blow dryers, flatirons, curling irons, color, extensions, you name it. My hair has taken a serious beating. After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day. I could not be more excited to share Living Proof with the world.”

We’re pretty sure that her fans in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand where Living Proof products are already available will be trying them out.

Image via Living Proof

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