Hair Dyeing: When Should You Go To The Salon

Salon Hair Dyeing
Salon Hair Dyeing

You can always do your own hair coloring at home but there are certain things that you do to your hair that you just can’t do on your own. And with such situations, you should really need help from the professionals and let them do the work for you. There are five major situation as to why a salon experience is preferred in dyeing your hair:

You want to lighter your hair more than three shades from you natural hair color. Regardless of how dark your hair is, if you want to lighten it significantly, you should think twice before doing it yourself. It is very difficult to lighten dark hair in a one-step process. It usually takes two process which consists of removing the original color from you hair and next is toning or adding the shade you want it to be. Doing this on your own may damage your hair.

You have dark hair and you want to dye it red. It is very difficult to dye a woman’s hair red, whether or not it is dark- or light-colored. Dyeing your hair ed can be risky because it would not always appear as how you want it to be but at least, when you go to the salon, they can educate you with the matter as well as giving you alternatives.

You have natural red or blonde hair and want to dye it red. Those with light to medium brown hair tend to have the most success dyeing their hair red or auburn shade, whether it is at home or at a salon. However, if you try this at home, always do a strand test first so you know how long to time the dye as well as what color it would actually look like afterwards. But, it is always best to discuss it with a professional hair colorist to be able to understand the consequences of shading your hair red.

You are trying to fix a problem. Mistakes often happen in women’s hair specially when it comes to hair dyeing. This may happen whether you are at home or at a salon. However, fixing it on your own is not advisable because you may make it worse and damage your hair. it is best if you consider getting help from a professional.

You have light hair and want to make it darker. In theory, this is not a very difficult process to do. The tough part of this is trying to end up with something resembling a natural shade that is why it is better to do it at a salon rather than doing it on your own.


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Is It Okay To Dye Your Hair At Home?

Drugstore Hair Dyes
Drugstore Hair Dyes

We have to admit that not many women love their hair color which leads as to why more than 75 percent of women dye their hair. The usual reasons women do so is to hide their gray hair (sign of aging), add highlights or change their natural hair color altogehter. Whether opting for subtle traces of blond or going for an all-over change, coloring hair can be a striking makeover or worse, a complete disaster. Many women have a story of their own to tell when they dyed their hair and it does not matter where we got it done, at home or at the salon.

One of the biggest question that women usually ask when it come to hair styling is if it is better to dye their hair themselves or to head to a salon and let the professionals do the work.

So is it okay to dye your hair at home? The answer is Yes! One of the most obvious reasons to why you should dye your hair at home is because of the cost. Dying your hair is not a one time big time thing. You need to maintain the hair color, unless you want that obvious change in your hair once your natural roots grows. If you dye your hair at a salon, it would approximately cost you $400 to $2,000 a year. Others say that drugstore hair dyes are inferior or harsher that the dyes being used in salons, but that is absolutely not true. The way hair dyes function and the ingredients used to make them do not differ between the drugstore dyes and the salon dyes. In fact, many of the companies that manufacture dyes for the major drugstore color lines also make the dyes used by salons.

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Women’s Favorite Hair Styling Products

Women's Hair Styling Products
Women’s Hair Styling Products

You can see a lot of hair styling products in stores that they are the best product to use but not all of them are true. Some may be true but will actually cost you a lot of money and some hardly styles your hair and even worse, can damage it. So here are just a few of women’s favorite hair styling products that perform beautifully and are of great value.

John Frieda Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme. This product is ideal for moisturizing, styling and smoothing all kinds of hair types except fine or thin. It can be seen in your usual department stores and will only cost you $5.99.

Got2Be Sleek XL Conditioning Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion. It is wonderful for styling hair with heat, regardless of the type and texture of your hair. It also costs $5.99.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-in Cream. This product provides sleek shine and adds protection during heat-styling. It is suitable for all types of hair, but those with fine or thin hair should use a very minimal amount and avoid applying it to the roots. This product is sold in stores at $6.99.

L’Oreal Paris Overworked Hair Putty Styling Paste. This styling paste provides strong yet pliable hold so you can play with as well as exaggerate hair texture for long lasting results. It costs $4.99.

L’Oreal EverSleek Finishing Creme. It is very light but would still be able to smooth and tame even the most unruly hair. However, it does not provide any hold, but adds shine and keeps hair from looking dry and fried. It can be seen in stores at a cost of $8.99.

LUSH Cosmetics Dirty Hair Cream. This product is a fantastic styling cream for those with any hair type. It provides medium, pliable hold that lasts. Again, for women who has fine hair should only use a smaller dab. The said product costs $15.95.

Upon using any of the hair styling products mentioned, you will be able to achieve the hairstyle you want without damaging your locks as well as developing a healthy and shiny hair.


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Proper Hair Care To Look Like That Of A Geisha

Geisha or Geiko
Geisha or Geiko

Geisha, otherwise known as Geiko in Kyoto dialect, are refferred to as female Japanese female entertainers who acts as hostesses and whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music, dance, games, and conversation. Geisha are most often seen in meals, banquets and other Japanese occasions that are attended usually by famous or distinctive Japanese men. However, the secretiveness of a Geisha’s training has led to many misconceptions about their role and what it is specifically that they do. Among those misconceptions are having sexual relations with the gentlemen they attend with, which kind of resembles those of Japanese or Korean comfort women.

Such misconceptions does not actually prevent us from adoring the beauty of a geisha specifically with the way they take care of their skin and body as well as in dressing their hair.

Asian hair is some of the thickest, most beautiful hair in the world without the necessity of having to style it every time. So ladies, here are just some ways that you can actually do to keep your Asian hair beautiful or for others to at least imitate how the Asians do it.

Deep Conditioning Treatments. Just because Asian hair is thick, does not mean it cannot get dry. That is actually one of the common problems with such kind of hair which is why deep conditioning treatment is must.

Careful Coloring. We all know that geishas have deep black hair with them but most of the Asians nowadays, specially Koreans, patronize having hair color. However, Asian hair does not take color all that well due to its naturally dark hair color. So if you were ever to color your hair, make sure that you go to a professional hairdresser so they can make suggestions and be very careful with your hair.

Trimming Hair. Asian hair naturally grows without having any problems at all. However, if you really do want to keep your tresses long and straight, make sure you cut off the dead ends once in a while.

Asian Hair
Asian Hair

Comb With A Wide Tooth Comb. If you really want to get rid of those dead ends right before it happens, you should use a wide tooth comb instead of brushes, especially when you just got out of a shower.

Low On The Products. Asian hair can take products but the more products you use on your hair, the more you are going to have to wash to get them out.


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