Anti- Aging Tricks


Sure, anti- aging is not just for your skin. It is also for your hair. Your hair ages just like you.You hair strands lack the nerves and blood supply to make them alive, but your hairĀ does age. Though most people don’t notice this. The number of hair begins to decline on your teenage years. When you hit your 40s, it will start to be more noticeable especially when it starts to grey. To prevent the horrible aging of your hair, there are some things you can do.

Take multivitamins with biotin and B vitamins like B6 and B12. These are considered “hair vitamins” Avoid getting harsh treatments all the time, such as bleaching or coloring. When done regularly, your hair will be dry and start thinning. Include protein in your diet too. This helps improve hair growth. Lastly, Use hair thickening products like Pantene Age Defy Advanced Thickening treatment. There is a cheaper version of this that comes as a shampoo.