Lighten Hair The Natural Way


There will always come a time when you feel like you need a change in your look. For women, the hair is their first target. If it is not a drastic hair cut, it will be a different hair color. If you have dark hair, it is a bit difficult to change your hair color without having to bleach it. We all know that bleaching can easily damage the hair so if you do not want to make use of harsh chemicals from bleach, there are some natural solutions that you can do.

1. Lemon Juice – This will take time to work if you have dark hair so you must do it regularly but you will eventually see results. Fill a spray bottle half way with lemon juice and the other half with water. Spritz it to hair until it’s damp then let it dry outside under the sun.

2. Chamomile Tea- Do the same method as with lemon juice.

3. For darker hair, use henna powder and chamomile tea. Mix the two together until you make a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the hair and then cover hair with a plastic bag for thirty minutes. Rinse your hair and towel dry.