Short Hair, Don’t Care!

Summer is here and as much as you love our long locks, having it is not just practical. It’s way too hot during the summer and you will only end up tying your hair up in a bun. That boring look just won’t do! To have a chic and stylish look, consider chopping your hair off! Celebrities like Michelle Williams, Charize Theron, Emma Watson and more are now sporting cute pixie cut; be brave enough and join the band wagon!

When you decide to chop your hair off, the first thing to do is to determine what kind of style will suit the shape of your face. Focus on your best features and get the hairstyle that will emphasize that.

Choose the right person to do the cut for you. This will be a huge change and you need someone that you genuinely trust to do this. Visit a salon and talk to a hair dresser about the style you want. Get into detail. If you can show photos, do so. Also ask for his/her advice as they know what will work well for your face.